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Guide to Fix Your Foscam if it Works When Wired but Not Wirelessly

Does your Foscam IP camera works when its wired but not wirelessly? If so, you are in luck because we will have your camera running wireless in no time. Please read on..

When I first got my Foscam FI8908W I followed all the instructions and everything was working perfectly while the ethernet cable/wire was still connected. However, as soon as I removed the ethernet cable from the camera and tried to go wireless, the camera would not appear in IP Camera Tools and I couldn’t access it. I tried for like an hour and could not figure out why my camera was not working wirelessly. In hopeless despair I started to look at the camera box and luckily noticed that it said “bg WiFi compatible”. I immediately realized that I have a Belkin Wireless-N Router which uses as its default the 802.11/N Wifi Network instead of the 802.11/BG Network. Foscams only run the BG network so be sure to log in to you router and make the necessary change.

Please follow these instructions when switching from wired to wireless mode on the Foscam Wireless IP camera.

Please make sure to:
1) Disconnect the power to the camera first, then disconnect ethernet.
2) Power the camera back on and wait 45 seconds
4) Restart the IP Camera Tools program
5) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, ensure that you are running your network on the 802.11/bg network. If you are not on that network, the wireless will not work.

Here are instructions on how to switch from the Wireless N network to the Wireless BG network (used on my Belkin, google your router’s manual to figure out how to make the changes on your router).

Step 1) Log in to your wireless router. To do this you must enter the IP address of your router into your browser and then enter the username and password when prompted. If you are unsure of the ip address or username and password of your router, refer to your router’s manual or view this list of default router IP addresses, usernames and passwords:

Step 2: Look under “Wireless” settings for an option called “Wireless Mode” or “Wireless Channel”. Set that option to “802.11g&802.11b” or “802.11b/g”

Step 3: Restart the Router and restart the Camera. Wait 45 seconds and it should work.

If you still cannot see the router wirelessly, please make sure you have installed the latest firmware upgrades from our website . Here are the instrucitons for installing the latest firmware:
Step 1) Go to our website ( and look under the Tools & Support Section

Step 2) Download the FI8908.FI8908W.rar file and extract it using winrar ( > It should give you a .bin file

Step 3) Make sure the camera is connected via ethernet cable and powered on.

Step 4) Open IP Camera Tools and right click on your camera

Step 5) Select “Upgrade Firmware”

Step 6) Select “Upgrade System Firware”

Step 7) Point to the .bin file that you extracted and click OK.

Step 8) Your firmware should be updated. Shut down the camera and restart it. Wait 45 seconds.

Step 9) Restart IP Camera Tools and it should work wirelessly.

Thank you.

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2 Responses to “Guide to Fix Your Foscam if it Works When Wired but Not Wirelessly”

  1. Denis Says:

    Please help after HARD RESET (button 5 sek) my
    Foscam FI8908W is no detect in IPTOOL! -255.255 dont ping !
    What is factory IP have this IPCAM, please help!!

  2. Bill Says:

    Has this been resolved? I have the same problem. My camera was working and now it stopped working. I cannot get an ip address from ethernet or wireless

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