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FI9821W Megapixel IP Camera Firmware Upgrade v1.1.1.13

A new firmware update has been released for the megapixel IP camera FI9821W (V1.1.1.13).


The firmware addresses the following issues:


1) Allowed for flip/mirror of the image
2) Increased security by prompting for users to change default admin password
3) Allowed for changing of the default admin username from “admin” to something else
4) Ability to send the camera’s name when sending email notifications
5) Redefined “Medium” and “Low” motion detection sensitivities to detect less motion, decreasing false alarm occurrences
6) Extended character length for passwords
7) Provides reason for failure when doing email test
8) Provides reason for for failure when doing FTP test
9) Improved the web UI to be more user friendly
10) Fixed issue where the camera would stop uploading alarm images to FTP after a few hours


Firmware Download for FI9821W:

(Mirror 1)

(Mirror 2)


WARNING: After downloading please make sure to read BOTH instruction files in the zip file before upgrading the firmware.


Product Page for FI9821W


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