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Basic Guide on Setting Up Your Foscam Camera

I have taken the time to explain the Foscam Wireless IP Camera setup instructions in language that is clear and understable and which includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup your wireless router. After this you should continue on to the Wireless Setup Guide to make your Foscam IP Camera Wireless. And then continue on to the Port Forwarding Guide to view your camera live on the internet from anywhere in the world.
Setting up the Camera. What do you need?

1) Your Foscam IP Camera
2) DC Power Supply
3) Ethernet network cable (RJ-45)
4) Wireless Router
5) Cable/DSL Modem with live Internet Connection
6) Computer
7) IP Camera Tools Software – comes on the CD or available at our website under the “Tools & Support” section.

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions:

Step 1.) Plug the ethernet cable into your Foscam IP Camera and then into your Wireless Router.

Step 2.) Plug the power cable into the camera and then into the power outlet. Wait 45 seconds. The green LED should go on and the camera will start to rotate around and then come to a rest.

Step 3.) Install “IP Camera Tools” on your computer by double clicking on IPCamSetup.exe on the included CD or by downloading it from our website at on the Tools & Support page. Also, please note that if you are running a Wifi 802.11/n wireless router then you will be
required to make sure your router settings are changed to 802.11/bg.)

Step 4.) Once IP Camera Tools is installed, double click the icon on the desktop to open it up.
IP Cam Tools Icon

Step 5.) One of three things will happen:

I) Ideally, your camera should appear in the IP Camera Tools window and have an IP address assigned to it. It will look something similar to “Anonymous Http://192…..”. If this happens immediately go to Step 6;

II) The second best sitatuation would be for the screen to say “Anonymous Subnet doesn’t match, dbclick to change!” If this happens just follow the prompt and double click on the words. The quick fix is to check the box “Obtain IP from DHCP server” and click “OK”, then close the IP Camera Tool program, wait 30 seconds, re-open it and your camera should appear. If that works go on to Step 6; if not;


  1. Find out your subnet mask in Windows by clicking Start > Select or type “Run” into the text field and press “enter” > type “Cmd” and “enter” > Type the words “ipconfig” and press enter.
  2. You will see “Subnet Mask………” or a similar number towards the top.
  3. Copy that number into the “Subnet Mask” field in the IP Tools Network Configuration menu after you double click “Anonymous Subnet doesn’t match, dbclick to change!.”
  4. Restart IP Camera Tool program and the camera should appear in the window РGoto Step 7.  [Please be sure to wait a full 45 seconds for the camera to properly restart before expecting it to reappear each time settings are changed. (If you are still failing here give me a call, you may need a replacement).]

Step 6.) Double click on your camera in IP Tools to open it, or copy the address “http://192…” into any browser or your iphone!

IP Cam Tools

Step 7.) Once you get to the login page, enter username: “admin” and password: ” ” (i.e., leave password blank). Click “Login”.

Camera Login

Step 8.) Depending on what browser you are using, you will need to select the appropriate mode. The browsers are listed next to the modes in the picture below.

Browser Mode Select

Step 9.) Once you are in and can view the camera, you are ready to take it wireless. Please continue on to Guide to Setting Up Your Foscam MJPEG Camera Wirelessly

Best Regards


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17 Responses to “Basic Guide on Setting Up Your Foscam Camera”

  1. alfredo Says:

    i would like to know what nvr or dvr or RS-DVR recommended for Foscam Wireless Indoor WPA Internet IP Camera FI8908W (Black)
    Foscam Wireless Indoor WPA Internet IP Camera FI8908W as of now i cant find a wifi nvr that would be best for this

  2. Lino Eldrige Says:

    Keen, thanks for posting!

  3. Yong Merchen Says:

    What is captcha code, pls provide me captcha code codes or plugin, Thanks in advance.

  4. Mike Says:

    My Ip address rotates every couple of days (Verizon), is there an easy way to stop this as I have to check my ip everyday before I leave for work and it would be nice to have a steady access IP address for when I am on vacation

  5. AJ Says:

    Hey Mike, check out
    There you can download a program which monitors your IP address.
    They then give you a link which acts as your ip address. Pretty neat.

  6. bobby Says:

    my ip camera tool is blank.. i have 3 new foscam’s and none of them appear in the ip camera tool.. please help!!

  7. Patrick nehin Says:

    I am setting up on a mac. Cannot get ip address from dhcp to fixed ( Router Subnet

    Using Securityspy.

    When I set it gives me error: illegal params.


  8. Tony Says:

    I’m interested on how to setup the FTP upload for images. FTP User = anonymous upload will work just fine. However, FTP User = a local user name on the FTP server will not work: when I click on Test I get “Test … Failed Can not access the folder. Please be sure the folder exists and your account is authorized”.
    I double-checked with a Linksys IP camera and the Linksys works just fine with a local user name and password.

  9. mike Says:

    the led’s dont blink on the back of my cam i tried other cat 5 cables and no change any thoughts

  10. ccopy7007 Says:

    how do i set my camera up to send me the alarm picture to my email?

  11. adam Says:

    Once i have my ip cameras configured, how do i go about recording it onto my computer harddrive?

  12. DONNA Says:

    Can the wireless router that has a notebook computer connected to it also have security cameras connected to it?

  13. Kim Says:

    I couldn’t find the camera in the IP Camera Tool. All it gave me was the option to remove the software. Help!!!

  14. T Says:

    I am not at the location where the camera will be used, Can I Proram my camera with the new wireless router I have at my current location and then plug this wireless router in to the wireless router at the location where the camera will be used. Will both wireless routers communicate and my camera work?

  15. Jim Says:

    I can use my external IP with the port number to remotely view my camera on my Windows 7 laptop but not on my Vista laptop. To see the camera on the Vista machine I have to be connected to my network and enter the camera’s IP. Please help.

  16. Hal Adams Says:

    I just got my new F18905W working. Initially I was having problems and thought it must be defective, because I could not get a successful ethernet connection. However, I began to wonder whether it was having problems with GBit LAN. To test this idea I connected an old 100 MBit switch to the GBit port and…. Bingo! Everything has gone pretty smoothly from thereon — and of course once I had it working wirelessly (using WPA2-PSK AES) the 100 MBit switch can be removed.

    Is the inability to handle GBit LAN a bug that can be fixed?

  17. my router ip Says:

    Good write-up, but that doesn’t always seem to be compatible with my router ip address, any helpful hints?

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