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Important Message from Foscam Digital Technologies Regarding US Sales & Service

We, Foscam.US (aka Foscam Digital Technologies and now Amcrest Technologies), are an independent United States based distributor of "Foscam" branded products. We have been offering telephone support, US local warranty and building the Foscam brand in the US for the past 7 years. However, we are deeply saddened to report that, even after all of this, our overseas suppliers have decided to undercut us and supply to our major customers directly. For this reason, we have no choice but to suspend telephone support for all Foscam branded products. If you have purchased a Foscam camera directly from us or from one of our authorized retailers, technical support is still available via email at


For customers who have not purchased from us directly, we advise you to please contact Foscam Shenzhen or the distributor which you have purchased from. In the meantime, we have launched our own new brand of IP cameras called Amcrest, which has superior quality products and full telephone technical support 7 days per week. We hope you can support us in our new venture. For more information, please visit

Guide To Setting Up Port Forwarding to View Your Foscam Over the Internet

As promised, here is the guide on setting up your Foscam IP Camera to view it live on the internet and through your Iphone on the 3G network:

Setting up Port Forwarding on your wireless Router so you can view your IP camera live on the internet from anywhere (including on your Iphone):

Before you start, it may be helpful have your router manual handy in case you dont understand any of the terms. Your router manual can be found by googling “[brand of your router] manual”. Best of luck:

Step 1) Write down the local IP address of your camera. To find this address open IP Camera Tools (apple mac users, use IP Scanner Tool) and it will display the IP address of the camera as “h**p://[YourCamerasLocalIPAddress])

Step 2) Log into your camera and goto the “Basic Network Settings” and change the HTTP Port to 8090. At default the port is at port 80, however this is a public port and used too often and in the majority of cases can cause problems. We here at Foscam recommend users to use port 8090 as it is a generally unused port and safe to use. (If you have more than one camera then they should ascend accordingly ex. 8091, 8092..)

Step 3) Next write down your router’s external internet IP address. The easiest way to find this would be to Google “What is my IP address” and go to the first link which pops up and that is usually This address is your routers identity viewed from the rest of the world. If you want to be able to access your camera from anywhere other than theĀ  cameras home location, you will need this address handy.

Step 4) Log in to your wireless router. To do this you must enter the IP address of your router into your browser and then enter the username and password when prompted. If you are unsure of the ip address or username and password of your router, refer to your router’s manual or view a list of default router IP addresses, usernames and passwords by visiting our collection here.

Step 5) Go through the options on your router until you find an option that says “Virtual Server”, “Port Forwarding”, or “Port Mapping” (if you have your routers manual, it should explain this as well). Once you are able to access your Port Forwarding options you need to set the the Local/Private IP address to your camera’s local IP address, set the inbound port to 8090 and the outbound port to 8090 (you can change the port numbers later). Make sure the type is either “Both” or “TCP”. Save the configuration.

Port Forwarding

Step 6) To test it to see if you set it up correctly, open a browser and enter your external internet ip address into the address bar and press enter. You should arrive at your camera’s login screen.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. Thank you.

Best Regards,


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