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Using the Foscam Wireless IP Camera on an Iphone

The Foscam Wireless Indoor IP Camera works on the Iphone using the standard Safari Browswer with no additional apps necessary. However, people have started to develop Iphone apps for the Foscam which add greater functionality. For example, check out the Foscam IPhone Control App:

iPhone apps at AppStoreHQ

I haven’t really tried the above app, but I have heard it works. If any of you have used it I would like to know what you think. I do not get a commission if you purchase it, in case you were wondering.


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16 Responses to “Using the Foscam Wireless IP Camera on an Iphone”

  1. Ted Chappell Says:

    I purchased this app and it works well. The two things it really needs to be great are:

    * Support for multiple cameras
    * Ability to view in landscape mode

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Ted,

    Ill let the developer know your comments. Thus, it seems like multiple camera view has not been enabled for the Iphone yet. If anyone knows of a mutiple camera view tool that works on the Iphone, please let me know. Thanks,

  3. Barry Egerter Says:

    Live Cams ($0.99 US) supports Foscam devices and landscape mode. There is an iPad release coming in June and both the iPhone and iPad versions will support any orientation.

    Live Cams was the #1 iPhone app in the US and Japan during the Christmas holiday season. It has nearly a million users and includes support for an unlimited number of private cameras. Hundreds of models are supported.

  4. admin Says:


    Does multiple camera view work using live cams for the Iphone. Also does audio work on the Iphone using live cams? Thanks

  5. Barry Egerter Says:

    Yes, multiple camera views (you can choose between 2 and 12 cameras onscreen at a time, then drill down to watch a single feed fullscreen).

    Audio isn’t yet supported but is planned for future releases.

  6. Dan Says:

    I use live cams also for a mix of foscams and Vilar at the same time.

  7. Pinguinefan Says:

    Hi! I use the App “Foscam Surveillance”. It works great also in landscape mode but it’s not cheap with 3,99€. The developer is now working on version 1.2 which supports moving in 8 directions in landscape mode.

  8. IcamFan Says:

    I use ICam on the Iphone, supports 4 cameras, pop notification and has option to record motion events. Works in landscape mode. $4.99 for the app, additional $1.99 to enable advanced features. SO WORTH IT. I have not got sound to work as of yet on the Foscam. You have do download and run the Icam Source client on your PC or Mac for your phone to receive the stream. Easy setup and website has a good support forum. Great package for the price. I used it daily on my home security system.

  9. Maurice Says:

    @Pinguinefan, thanks. I’m the developer of Foscam Surveillance. Currently with version 1.42 it supports up to 144 cameras and a mosaic view to show 6 (in portrait) or 4 (in landscape) cameras on one screen. It are those kind of posts on blogs that keep me motivated developing in my spare time 😉

  10. Jo Says:

    Please add support for audio over iPhone.

    This is the only thing holding me back from buying this as a baby monitor.

    Babycams are a huge market potential for the app and camera.

  11. Jeff Says:

    Afte brunning thru a nice size lot of apps and iTunes cash I settled on “Foscam Surveillance”. Clearly is the best, easiest, most functional, and intuitive app for foscam access. I’ve had no problems in or out of the network. Wifi & 3G alike. Full motion control is simply awesome and landscape along with the multiple camera view is icing. Gotta get sound built into this thing, but once that is there.. It can’t be beat. Many thanks to the developer. Keep at it! Bring the noise! :-)

    I’m using the Foscam F18918W –3 of them.


  12. brooks Says:

    mine works on the iphone 3 but not on the 4 is it supposed too?

  13. fMac Says:

    Is there any app that support audio too? I want to use my Foscam like a baby watcher, but audio only works with Internet Explorer :(

    Thanks in advance.

  14. jinksnyou Says:

    “Foscam Surveillance Pro” I really like this program! One day the sound barrier will be broken.

  15. onelakebum Says:

    I too have spent hours trying to find a solution to break the sound/audio barrier issue with viewing the Foscam on the iphone.
    The most promising option I have found so far is using my local PC with the free Orb Caster software to broadcast the camera to the Orb Live iphone app. The Orb Caster on the PC specifically has a tab for adding web cameras as a broadcast source with an IP address. And yes, Orb claims that if your camera supports sound, the sound will also be played on the iphone. Problem is, I have not yet had success joining the Foscam to the Orb Caster software. If anybody can figure it out, please post your solution.

  16. Lacey Says:

    Do you have to have a static IP to see the camera from the phone. I got it set up to view within the network but can’t view it on the phone.

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