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Antenna Question

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Antenna Question

Postby Armed101 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:40 pm

Im in need of a camera that will go out to 500 to 700 feet wirelessly. There are trees and brush between. My question is as far as the outdoor cams go. Can you upgrade the antennas on these cameras. If so what connection do they have? SMA or BNC? And what external antenna could i possible upgrade on both ends the router which is probably SMA and the cameras to get this sort of distance? What about an signal amplifier? Thanks!
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Re: Antenna Question

Postby PcolaSteve » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:37 pm

I am looking for the same thing and maybe your question will renew my question as well. I need to replace my antenna with a higher gain antenna as well.
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Re: Antenna Question

Postby Armed101 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:05 pm

I just got off of the phone with the tech support guys at foscam. They said that any "powered" antenna would work. Because the antenna on the camera is i suppose a SMA it doesnt have much power to push a higher dB antennas power to be efficient. So the question is now what antenna to get? There are so many companies out there. If it were just a point to point LOS "line of sight" antenna no problem there. But with brush and trees both antennas have to have enough strength to get through.
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Re: Antenna Question

Postby Razor512 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:25 am

If the router and camera are at similar heights, you can place a 9dbi or higher gain antenna. Most small wifi antennas can work with as little as .5 mw with no problem

Remember, the gain of an antenna is just how it shapes the signal, a large antenna wont suddenly make the signal more powerful.

you are simply changing the signal pattern from a more spherical shape, to a doughnut shape, this allows more horizontal signal strength (while lowering the vertical signal strength so the higher the gain, the more you need to have the router and clients on the same level)

Depending on how much is in the way, you may need to buy or build a biquad antenna

biquads are highly directional and are compact (great for applications where directional is needed but you lack the space for a yagi antenna, (when positioning them, I recommend temporally attaching a laser pointer to it then position it as good as possible to point at where your router is.

A well made biquad can do over 1000 feet easily.

PS you can also use the stock antenna and use the biquad with your router (if it has a removable antenna)

(for best results (eg getting well over 1000 feet) you can install a biquad on both the router and camera (r if you want, a biquad on the camera and a yagi on the router)
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