Important Message from Foscam Digital Technologies Regarding US Sales & Service


WARNING: Foscam US has been notified of 18 security vulnerabilities that exist on cameras manufactured by Shenzhen Foscam which leave users vulnerable to hacks which allow attackers to remotely take-over cameras, live stream, download stored files and even compromise other devices located on the local network. (Source: F-Secure Report available here). The models affected include the following:


C1 Lite











(Source CVE Details report available here

Foscam Shenzhen currently has not responded and has not yet provided any patch or fix to address the vulnerabilities. (Source: Arstechnica

The vulnerabilities affect "Foscam" branded cameras and cameras manufactured by China-based Shenzhen Foscam only. The vulnerabilities do not affect Amcrest or FDT branded cameras which are produced by a separate factory and R&D team totally unrelated to Foscam Shenzhen. Amcrest/FDT split off from Foscam Shenzhen in 2015/2016 due to issues relating to distribution, security and quality control and are totally unaffected by these latest vulnerabiltiies which affect China-based Shenzhen Foscam.

More details available here:,news-25254.html

Foscam.US (aka Foscam Digital Technologies) is an independent United States based distributor of "Foscam" branded products. We have been offering telephone support, US local warranty and building the Foscam brand in the US for the past 7 years. If you have purchased a Foscam camera directly from us or from one of our authorized retailers, technical support is available via email at

For customers who have not purchased from us directly, we advise you to please contact Foscam Shenzhen or the distributor which you have purchased from.


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