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FI8908W and iPhone (it works)

General discussion regarding Foscam IP Cameras

FI8908W and iPhone (it works)

Postby Engin » Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:35 pm

Today I finally managed to connect my FI8908W camera over the internet using my iPhone (with Foscam Surveillance PRO app).

I suggest using port 8005 for the camera, for port forwarding and for the iPhone app.

You have to activate DynDns ONLY for the camera but not for your Router. I am using Zxyel Router with Dynamic IP, therefore you have to fix your cameras IP before you start.

Get your activated DynDns host account and enter on your camera settings
You should get :DynDns Succeed http:// your host

On your router
1 - Activate Port Forwarding using your camera's IP with 8005 port.
2 - Cancel the Fire wall
3 - Activate UPnP (even you get (UPnP Failed: Rejected by UPnP Device, Maybe Port Conflict)

Make sure you restart your router after changing any setting after saving the change.

And finally you have to try from another WI-FI or (3G) network to connect your camera over the internet on your iPhone or on your PC ( using same local machine or same WI-FI will create error)

Have fun...
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Re: FI8908W and iPhone (it works)

Postby digitol » Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:18 pm

I use the very excellent and free iphone app "CamViewer". There are other apps available, if you do an appstore search for "foscam" but this one is the best imho.

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Re: FI8908W and iPhone (it works)

Postby bioneural » Mon May 16, 2011 7:45 am

Agreed, CamViewer is a great native app. If you're looking to query the camera for various settings (e.g. firmware version) and a few other commands not present in CamViewer (reboot, disable LED, disable start-up jiggle, use preset positions, etc) you can customise your own Web app to do this, with reference to the CGI application guide.

I have a working draft here that you can freely modify: ... m-fi8908w/

It's built with iWebkit in an effort to mimic a native iPhone app.

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Re: FI8908W and iPhone (it works)

Postby cosmden » Tue May 17, 2011 11:47 am

Do I need to leave the firewall off all the time?

Are you referring to the firewall on the router only?

Or do I need to adjust the modem and OS?

I'm wading through this process.

My Belkin router is a F7D1301 v1

Should I be listing 2 ports? Or should use the same number for inbound port and private port?

These are the choices Belkin gives me.


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