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Foscam generates same traffic independent of the resolution

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Foscam generates same traffic independent of the resolution

Postby ECP » Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:16 am

Foscam generates same high traffic independent of the resolution

I have measured, using Net Limiter, the incoming traffic I receive from a remote Foscam FI8908W when the image displayed on the screen has the resolutions: (1) 640 x 480, (2) 320 x 240, (3) 160 x 120.

I all three cases, Net Limiter indicates the same flow of data. Normally, the incoming traffic for 160 x 120 should be 16 times lower than for 640 x 480. The reason could be an increase in the number of frames per second as the resolution is lowered.

Is there any mean to reduce the traffic according to the resolution?
At least in my particular situation, such large traffic is not sustainable.
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