Videostream.cgi freezing on Chrome

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Videostream.cgi freezing on Chrome

Postby Rob » Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:54 pm

Hi. I'm hoping you can help me.
When I go to on Chrome, it now just freezes on the first picture. if I keep hitting refresh it updates the picture. This just recently started doing this, it used to work fine about 2 weeks ago, and in fact, it still works on Firefox by streaming the avi file.
To give a bit of a network Background - it is a true Foscom, on the latest firmware (I believe its the latest).
Device ID 00606E8F6BB2
Device Firmware Version
Device Embeded Web UI Version

I'm also using a linux server that is running gmotionlive and it is successfully saving the avi files locally and when I play the files through kmplayer, it plays fine. Gmotionlive gets the feed from that same videostream url so this further supports that it appears to be localized to just Google CHROME (well, and I.E. but that has never worked, it just wants to download the .cgi file rather than streaming it).

Has anyone else been suddenly having Chrome issues? I have 4 computers and all of them suddenly can't use Chrome to watch the videostream.cgi. I tried disabling the internal flash player version and install the separate flash player version but it did not work.

I know this is more a Google Chrome question, but the forum user base here is more likely to have seen similar issues than someone over on the Google chrome forum.
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