Can't connect via Internet / Port Forwarding problems.

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Can't connect via Internet / Port Forwarding problems.

Postby mahaguru » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:51 pm

I just purchased FOSCAM F18918W IP WIRELESS CAMERA.

I can connect wireless via my router, but i can't connect via Internet.
i follow the instruction in every detail on port forwarding but i still cannot connect.

Here is my config.

I can access the cam using wireless with
I open an account with dyndns, and can access my router interface via internet either with ip address or with

But i can't access the cam via internet, either with IP ADDRESS:8090 OR

Under NAT , VIRTUAL SERVER CONFIG , there is this setup.

server name= camera
external port start =8090
external port end= 8090
protocol= TCP/UDP
internal port start=8090
internal port end = 8090
server ip address =
wan interface= ppp0

ROUTER is innacom w3400V .

What possibly can go wrong ?
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Re: Can't connect via Internet / Port Forwarding problems.

Postby munanhua » Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:23 pm

Hey there,
I came cross your post and just wondering if you have the solution? I am having the same problem right now.
Thank you very much!
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Re: Can't connect via Internet / Port Forwarding problems.

Postby TheUberOverLord » Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:15 am

IMHO, Ports 8080, 8090 and 80 are the very worst ports you can choose for any camera. Because they can conflict with ports used by your network equipment, when trying to access your cameras remotely.

You would be much better off using port 90, for example. But, you would not only need to change the port in the camera configuration, you would also need to change your port forwarding to use this port as well.

That said. Can you access port 8090 from within your local network using this:

Does it show port 8090 as open?

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