FI8905W - Seem like IR Stuck on

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FI8905W - Seem like IR Stuck on

Postby titanbry77 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:34 am

Hello all,

I have 6 of the FI8905W cameras and they've been great, I just put the last one up yesterday and it seems it may be having an IR problem?

At first when night came, it was not turning on the IR filter, I logged in to the camera directly and clicked the "IR On" icon and nothing happened so I clicked the "IR Off" and the night vision kicked in.

I thought this was strange since in the past on any of these cameras the "IR On/OFF" buttons have had no effect as I didn't think it was a controllable feature on the 8905W.

I tried rebooting multiple times and tried the restore factory settings option. I have the latest firmware for it, not sure what else I should do, I guess contact Foscam, it's only 2 weeks old and I bought it from them. Just didn't feel like getting the 28ft ladder out again lol.

I attached a picture, it was taken just now, it's daylight, partly/sunny.Image
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Re: FI8905W - Seem like IR Stuck on

Postby altmanfilm » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:50 am

Hi it is the same at my cam (8904W) The buttons IR On/Off have no effect and nothing happens. The IR-Lights are on all the time and it is horrible behind the windowglass. I have also the latest firmware and web UI
Please help.
Rene Altman
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Re: FI8905W - Seem like IR Stuck on

Postby milesab » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:11 am


I had a similar problem with my FI8910W. I took a kitchen magnet and ran it over the top of the dome until I had a click. That seems to be the IR filter moving. Then everything was back to normal. Not sure if that solution would work on your cameras but worth a try.
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