Problems with IR on two cameras

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Problems with IR on two cameras

Postby spudgy » Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:43 pm

I have two Foscam cameras, an FI8905W and an FI 8910W.


On the 8910, the IR never turns on even when pointed at total darkness. It did come on once, half way through a panning operation but then it went off again. Before I ask for a replacement unit, I thought I would ask if there is anything I'm doing wrong. I keep clicking the IR button but nothing happens, even in darkness.


This is a replacement camera for a camera that was faulty. The IR on this camera will occasionally start flashing on and off repeatedly and every time it does, it makes a clicking noise and generates another video file as if motion was detected. It does this even in an empty room with absolutely no motion or light changes. Is this a faulty camera as well? I already paid return shipping on the first faulty camera without being reimbursed and now it appears both cameras are bad. Is this behavior typical of these cameras under certain lighting conditions. Should I request a replacement?
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Re: Problems with IR on two cameras

Postby garretn » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:17 am

I have five of the 8905 camera's doing the same thing you are describing answer from support is to default and reconfigure then RMA unit if problem still exist. I have requested a refund since they are brand new.

I also have two of the 8910 camera's one of which works fine but the other started having issues with the IR not turning on when the room gets dark. I can manually turn the IR off and back on and most of the time that corrects it. I have not talked to support about this issue.

Good luck..
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