Using the IR security camera behind a glass window (Tutorial

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Using the IR security camera behind a glass window (Tutorial

Postby Razor512 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:04 am

I made a video tutorial for using a IR security camera behind a glass window.

All you need to disable the built in LED's then build a external one

I will detail my process.

Materials used
Solder and Soldering iron
power adapter (any adapter you no longer use should work as long as it can do 5V to 12V)

IR LED lamp ( i used this one ... K:MEWAX:IT )

Step 1: remove the stock connector from the IR lamp

Step 2: Solder 2 wires to the solder point fro the stock connector

Step 3: find a way to connect 2 wires to any old power adapter you have laying around (I used a old broken external hard drive board, but I could have just as easily used a adapter for an old cellphone or any other device)

After you are done, simply tape the IR lamp to the window (for a single layer window, you can keep it around 1 inch away from the camera, if you have a 2+ layer window, then keep it at least 6 inches away from the camera.

The IR light will also have a wider angle since it wont be restricted by being recessed in the cylinder shape of the camera body.

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